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The Top 5 Reasons Why I Hated Lucy


Scarlett Johansson plays Lucy, a young woman who gets tricked by her friend to deliver a package of drugs to a Taiwanese drug lord.  Lucy gets the package of drugs sown into her stomach and is forced by the Taiwanese drug lord to keep the drugs stuffed inside her.  But when the bag of drugs bursts open inside her body it allows her body to absorb the drugs and have a very high increase in her brain activity.  Lucy then learns she gains all types of powers including mind control and the power to not feel any pain.  Meanwhile, Morgan Freeman plays Professor Samuel Norman teaching his college students what might happen if you access 100% of your brain’s activity.  Now, Lucy is after this Taiwanese drug lord to get the other package of drugs he has. 

Now ladies and gentlemen, I present to you my top 5 reasons why I hated Lucy.

5) Misleading Trailer – Watching the trailer for this movie made it look like a fun action packed movie.  Did we get this as the viewer?  No, we got stupid, complex imagery and a movie that might be very confusing to the audience. 

4) It’s a commercial for Samsung – This movie is one big commercial for Samsung products.  I noticed 3 Samsung phones, 2 televisions, a couple of laptops computers and cameras.  We don’t need to see all these Samsung products and it does make me feel the need to buy Samsung products. 

3) Scarlett Johansson – I love Scarlett Johansson and she is one of my favorite actresses.  This is not a movie made for her and I don’t understand why she wanted to be part of this movie.  Luc Benson, the director of the film, makes Scarlett look incredibly floozy with guns.  Scarlett should never be playing characters like this.  She should be playing powerful, strong women who can kick butt, but not look so easy. 

2) Villain – The villain in the movie is, of course, the Taiwanese drug lord played by Min-sik Choi.  Min-sik Choi plays the movies worst villain.  His acting is terrible and there’s no purpose in the film of why he really needs these drugs. 

1) Luc Benson – Luc Benson made this movie incredibly complex — the script is horrendous and the dialogue is poorly written and must be rewritten.  I mentioned above that he puts stupid complex imagery in the movie and a movie that might be very confusing to the audience.  Luc’s vision of this movie was to make a movie similar to Stanley Kubrick’s 2001 Space Odyssey.  To me it looks like Luc copied the same exact movie.  The movie dealt with themes like philosophy, creationism, science and technology.  I hate when movies deal with creationism because it really does not interest me.  Otherwise, this has to be one of Luc Benson’s worst films he has ever done, he made this movie very boring.  You might be entertained or might fall asleep.  On the plus side the movie is only one hour and 30 minutes. 

I give this movie an “F


22 Jump Street

22 Jump Street

Get ready to jump back on Jump Street!

“22 Jump Street” takes place where we last saw Schmidt, played by Jonah Hill, and Jenko, played by Channing Tatum.  These guys are back on the streets chasing down criminals again.  In “22 Jump Street” Schmidt and Jenko are assigned to revisit “21 Jump Street” except now in this movie its called “22 Jump Street” only because the program moved across the street.  Ice Cube plays Captain Dickson who assigns them to go undercover as college students to locate a drug supplier.  The drug is being passed around the college campus as “WHYPHY” and it has killed one student already.  The movie also stars Amber Stevens as Maya, Jillian Bell as Mercedes and tons of fun cameos.  The movie was directed by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller. 

This has to be my most favorite, anticipated comedy for 2014!  As you can see, everyone is back and I could not wait to see this movie and left the theater smiling.  Channing and Jonah are hysterical!  Both characters have a true witty bromance that makes the movie a one of a kind and different from other comedies.  Jonah Hill is funny in the movie, but Channing Tatum is hilarious and is the scene-stealer in the movie.  Ice Cube, as Captain Dickson, is back once again.  HOOARY!  Ice Cube’s character in this movie is the best one he has ever acted in.  Ice Cube has a really funny scene in the movie involving Jonah Hill and a very special dinner guest.  I won’t say what happens, but it has to be one of my favorite scenes in the movie. Another reason I love this movie so much is that it makes fun of itself for being a sequel from the very first scene.  Phil Lord and Christopher Miller are the comedic geniuses of the year!  First having major success with The Lego Movie and now 22 Jump Street, it has never been a more terrific year for them.  Phil and Christopher made very smart decisions making the movie fun and unforgettable.  This is one movie you won’t want to miss for the summer. 

I give this movie “A”

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Its my new movie review for Guardians of the Galaxy.  Guardians of the Galaxy stars Chris Pratt, Bradley Cooper, Zoe Saldana, Dave Bautista, Vin Diesel, Lee Pace, Karen Gillan, Benicio Del Toro and the movie is directed by James Gunn, A perfect summer movie that everyone can have fun with in the cinemas. Hope you all enjoy my video and if you did don’t forget to subscribe my channel :)



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Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Movie Review

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Dawn of The Planet of The Apes

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

If you all follow and watch SchmoesKnow all I have to say is, “Apes on Horses”!

In 2016, the ALZ 113 virus has caused humanity to be completely wiped out.  Ten years later Caesar, played by Andy Serkis, is the leader of the new generation of apes.  He and the other apes live in a well-established and maintained village.  As the movie opens, Caesar recently welcomes a new son to his family.  Caesar’s oldest son Blue Eyes, is played by Nick Thurston.  Caesar and the other apes also have no contact with the humans.  Meanwhile, Jason Clarke who plays Malcolm is on an expedition to find power to bring to the community where he is resides.  There’s a dam that can help bring power to the community, but there is a little problem, Caesar and the other apes live on the dam.  Caesar realizes it’s a good idea to let Malcolm and his team begin work on the dam and believes the apes and humans will come to understanding terms and to trust each another.  Caesar allows Malcolm to begin work on their home, Koba played by Toby Kebbell, doesn’t want the humans there and sees them as a major threat.  The movie also stars Gary Oldman as Dreyfus, Keri Russell as Ellie, Kodi Smith-McPhee as Alexander and Doc Shaw as Ash.  This movie was directed by Matt Reeves. 

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes is one of the most groundbreaking movies of the Summer which is the time Hollywood releases silly, blockbuster movies.  This is a Summer blockbuster, but its not Transformers which is a good thing!  When Jason Clarke and Keri Russell are on the big screen, you really don’t care they are actually on the screen.  However, Jason Clark does give a natural performance.  Clark and Russell give good performances in the movie, but the true stars are the apes, the best part about the movie!  The actors in the movie are not all just playing CGI apes they are playing motion, captured apes.  The apes talk and speak English too!  The ape doing most of the talking is Caesar played by Andy Serkis.  Andy is known as the sneaky Gollum in all of The Lord of the Rings movies.  Andy, as Caesar, is his greatest role ever, very powerful and he definitely deserves an Oscar.  “He is the heart and soul of this movie”, says Chris Stuckmann, movie critic on YouTube.  Andy gives his all in this role and you can see he delivers a talented performance, you don’t want to take your eyes off the screen.  The horrifying ape is Koba played by Toby Kebbell.  Koba is so scary looking but his performance will keep your spine tingling as he plays this really villainous role. 

Rise of the Planet of the Apes, was not my favorite.  Why?  It didn’t really catch my interest.  My interest of film has changed.  Rupert Wyatt, who directed the last film didn’t impress me as much.  As for Matt Reeves, he did leave a very nice, last impression on me.  I am happy with this movie and its powerful imagery.  The movie is also filled with power, emotion and a story that is told perfectly.  Overall, I don’t think you want to miss this movie for the summer. 

I give this movie “A-”

My Top 3 Favorite Movie Trailers Right Now

My Top 3 Favorite Movie Trailers Right Now

Hey Everyone,

Today, I’m sharing with you my top 3 favorite movie trailers.  I love good and exciting movie trailers and lately I have seen a ton of epic movie trailers.  Award season is coming up soon and I believe you might be seeing at least one of these movies at the Academy Awards or The Golden Globes.  You better check out these trailers if you haven’t seen them. 

Nightcrawler – One of the most under-rated and talented actors, Jake Gyllenhaal, plays Lou Bloom a young man who dreams desperately to have a career in journalism.  Lou becomes fascinated with the undergound world of L.A. freelance crime journalism.  Lou gets crew members together to film fires, murders and havoc happening in the city of L.A.  Soon, Lou begins to become obsessed and loses control.  The movie is directed by Dan Gilory and hits theaters October 17, 2014.

Horns – This movie is absolutely perfect to check out on Halloween.  Daniel Radcliff stars as Ig Perrish who is coping with a peculiar death of his girlfriend.  After a hard night of drinking, Ig awakens one morning to find horns starting to grow from his head.  The horns soon cause, Ig to develop unspeakable powers.  The movie is directed by Alexander Aja and hits select theaters October 31, 2014.

Gone Girl – Based on the book by Gillian Flynn, Ben Affleck stars as Nick Dunne.  His wife Amy, played by Rosamund Pike, mysteriously disappears on their fifth wedding anniversary.  With intense media and under-pressured by police, Nick’s image begins to change and he begins to tell lies and develop strange behaviors that leads him to become a suspect in his wife’s disappearance.  The movie is directed by David Fincher and hits theaters October 3, 2014.

Hey Everyone, 

This is my movie review for June.  It’s very late but not too late to talk about movies. Check out the video where we will be talking about “The Fault In Our Stars” and “Love Is Strange”.  Also, look out for new reviews coming soon of “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes”, “Lucy”, and “Begin Again”.  Hope you all you are having a wonderful summer. 


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The Fault In Our Stars

The Fault In Our Stars

Ladies and Gentlemen bring your tissues this is sure to be a tear jerker. 

Sixteen-year-old Hazel Grace Lancaster, played by Shailene Woodley, is a smart, sarcastic and quiet teen who is suffering with terminal thyroid cancer that has metastasized to her lungs.  Hazel’s parents believe she is depressed, so her parents force her to attend a cancer patients support group to make friends at a local church.  Augustus played by Ansel Elgort, shows up at the support group and catches Hazel’s attention.  Augustus is also interested in Hazel and they begin to share their personal thoughts, feelings, dreams, and fears.  Soon, the bond of the relationship evolves and we experience a one of a kind love story.  The movie also stars Nat Wolff as Isaac, Laura Dern as Frannie and Sam Trammell as Michael.  The movie was directed by Josh Boone. 

This movie (with the same title) is based on the young adult, best selling book written by Josh Green.  I highly regret not reading the book before seeing the movie.  Shailene gives a spectacular performance, she was born to be a star and this movie makes her shine!   Her character is witty and charming and she makes Hazel come to life and its so believable. 

One of my favorite characters in the movie is Augustus played by Ansel Elgort.  Shailene and Ansel worked together in Divergent where Ansel plays Shailene’s oldest brother, but my goodness, you have to keep your eyes out for this actor.  I fell in love with Augustus and his character was sexy, smart, and very funny.  FYI, he is every girl’s prince charming.  His character with Shailene is just like a fairytale.  Augustus also suffers with cancer in the movie and is so full of hope its incredible, you can see how Hazel becomes a completely new person when she is with him.  The movie has some other great performances like Nat Woldff who plays Isaac, who brings humor to the movie.  As for Hazel’s parents, they are constantly there for her and her mom, played by Laura Dern gives a heart-warming performance. 

Lots of people are calling this movie a very beautiful and sad love story.  I see this movie as a coming of age story.  You experience a first love/crush and love at a young age is fun, memorable, and silly all at the same time.  The characters are believable and you can feel the passion and bond Hazel and Augustus have with each other. 

Do I think this will be nominated for anything, yes!  I believe it will be nominated for best-adapted screenplay.  I don’t have many concerns about the movie, but the one concern I do have is that it does drag on a little.  The movie could have been a slight bit shorter but, I loved it and make sure you bring lots tissues. 

I give this movie a “B+”


A Million Ways To Die In The West

Million Ways To Die In The West

The year is 1882, Seth MacFarlane plays Albert Spark, a sheep farmer who lives with his cold hearted parents.  When Albert loses his girlfriend, Louise played by Amanda Seyfried because he talked his way out of gun - fight.  Louise doesn’t Albert is tough or brave.  Anna played by Charlize Theron is the new girl in the town meets Albert.  She believes she can boost his confidence and can get his girl back.  Anna then trains Albert how to use a gun.  Anna and Albert become friends and very very very friendly.  Clinch Leatherwood played by Liam Neeson, is the movies villain.  He finds out the news someone has been sneaking around with his wife.  He is out to kill the man who is hanging with his wife Anna.  The movie also stars Giovanni Ribisi as Edward, Neil Patrick Harris as Foy, and Sarah Silverman as Ruth. The movie is directed by the films star Seth MacFarlane. 

We are mostly use to seeing Western film as a fun, exciting, and action packed with cowboys and Indians.  This movie does of course have cowboys and Indians but this movie takes on the comedic ways and extricates on the many ways to people died in the west.  Lots of people and critics were hoping this would be the same gem and comedic charm, Ted directed by Seth MacFarlane. 

Does this film have the same charm and wit?  Yes and no.  It’s not quite as good as Ted but you can still have a good time with this movie.  The film’s star, writer, producer, and director, Seth MacFarlane is back in the directors chair once again.  This time he is in front of the camera.  Seth’s as Albert is cute, friendly, and hopeless.  He may start as hopeless but of course he blooms into the films hero.  I did like Seth’s character and watching Seth’s facial expressions reminded me off Ted’s face.  Especially when he smiles.  As for directing, he was pretty good but he pulled some of the similar jokes and scenes when Dennis Dugan directed Grown Ups 2.  Both had lots of poop and penis jokes.  They are better in Seth’s movie than in Grown Ups 2.  There is one scene that did remind me off Grown Ups 2.  In Grown Ups 2 a deer pees on Adam Sandler and in this movie a sheep pees on Seth MacFarlane.  Charlize Theron, as Anna is great.  It was nice to see her in this movie.  The last movie I saw Charlize in was “Snow White and The Huntsman” and I hated it.  Again, it was nice to see her taking a chance on the comedy route.  She might not be as funny as the other characters in the movie.  Her character starts to grow feelings for Seth’s character.  Her character is brave and fearless.  I loved that she was the one who was teaching Seth’s character to boost his confidence. 

My favorite characters in the movie, Edward played by Giovanni Ribisi and Ruth played by Sarah Silverman.  Those two bring the comedy and laughs to the screen.   Edward (Giovanni) plays a very religious young man who is saving himself to have sex when he is married.  Yet his girlfriend is Ruth (Sarah) who wants to save herself for marriage too.  Expect she is the town’s hore (excuse my language).  She is having sexual encounters with the townsmen and is getting paid for it.  She doesn’t realize that she is already having sexual encounters.  When both of their characters are together their scenes and the commentary is hilarious.  Amanda Seyfried, the adorable and sweet heart everyone loves.  I didn’t like her as much in the movie.  If Seth maybe casted Mila Kunis or Emma Stone, I would have loved the character a little bit more.  Even though her character is dumb and silly.  Neil Patrick Harris, once I heard he was casted I was excited.  This is the same role he played in How I Met Your Mother.  I know what you might be thinking, Barney traveled back in time to 1882 and grew a mustache or this is Barney’s great great great great grandfather.  Don’t get me wrong I loved his character.  I didn’t like one scene in the movie involving Amanda and Neil in bed.  It really got me grossed out!  Liam Neeson as Clinch is not a big main character.  He had a small main character.  He wasn’t as funny as I thought he would be and he isn’t in the movie a lot.

I personally think critics are being a little harsh on this movie.  Yet, audiences seem to be enjoying it.  That means they must be excited to see Ted 2

I give this movie a “B-“